My Big Passions

First off, I am sorry that I have not done a post in almost a month. That is a long stretch from my three posts a week promise. But I am back with a post about passion!

Passion is a gift that God has given us. He gives each of us a different passion because we are all special and unique. Passion for a certain people, project, subject or skill is the fire that gets stuff done. Don’t ever lose your passion for Jesus and His work.

Below I have about a paragraph about a few big passions of mine. Feel free to comment below and tell me what you are passionate about.

Passion for Jesus
First, I just want to say, if you profess as a Christian, this should be your first passion ever. Jesus. The one who came and incarnated and died on a cross for you. He saved you for himself. Now you are free, but to live in Him. And that is exciting. Jesus is my friend, redeemer and Lord. I gave my life to Him and that is the best thing I ever did. I love my Jesus.

Passion for Missions
I grew up reading and re-reading missionary stories. That is what I always wanted to do. Be a missionary. God planted a love for His lost people in my heart. When I went on a missions trip to Mexico when I was 13, I came alive. I knew that serving others and showing the poor and lost the love and joy that Christ brings was what He made me to do. And I am passionate about that. I jump on any opportunity to be a part of international missions work.

Passion for the Outdoors
God planted in me a love for His world. I love to hike, canoe, climb, run and bike in the beautiful nature that surrounds me. I love the sun, the wind, the grass, trees, mountains, dirt, sunsets and fresh air. I look at the glory of nature and I “sing for joy at the work of His hands”. (Psalm 92:4- my life verse) I am passionate about the outdoors. A burst of energy and excitement curses through me as I gaze at a beautiful sunrise or a breathtaking view.

Passion for Pioneer Living
Half of my childhood I wore a pioneer dress. I loved learning about the pioneers in the prairies with the covered wagons and Indians and all the excitement back then. I loved pioneer living. I would rather toil over handmade candles then flip on a lightswitch. I would rather spend two hours making bread then five minutes at the grocery store. I love homesteading. I got chickens and started a big garden and as we move we hope for more animals and a bigger garden. God gave me this love for whatever you would call it. Farming, homesteading, pioneer living, going off the grid, sustainable living. Those excite me. I love cooking and pie making and trying my hand at homemade cheese. God made me a farm girl.

Passion for Literature and Music
I started piano lessons at about nine years old. Soon I wanted to play those long, epic piano scores from the Lord of the Rings book, so I did. I have a passion for beautiful music. It is a way that I can worship the Lord and give glory to His name. I also have a passion for reading. I literally devour books. When I was four, I started reading. I taught myself. From then on, it is history. I read with intentsity, soaking up every word. When I go into a bookstore I get that shiver of excitement up my spine and making book lists is like a hobby for me. I love reading and music.

All of these passions are loves that the Lord has put in me. I don’t say these things to boast but as an example of how God has made each of us passionate. He made me in a specific way to specifically love certain things so I could specifically serve Him in a specific way. He did the same for you too. So tell me, what are your big passions? Comment below!

Priscilla Joy

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Two Amazing Young People and One Unsung Hero of the American Revolution

As you may note, I blog about my life. Projects I am doing, things I am learning and places I have gone. As we study the American Revolution and Early American history in our school you can expect a few posts about some of heroes in that time. This blog post is one of those, highlighting three amazing people. Susannah Boone Hays, Caeser Rodney and Paul Revere Jr.

Let’s start with Susannah Boone Hays.

Susannah Boone was the daughter of Daniel Boone, the famous frontiersman. She was newly married to William Hays and probably only about 18 or 19.

Both her father and her husband were working on a project, building a wilderness road, opening Kentucky to settlers. Susannah and her servant were the only women in the group and what a life they had! Susannah would wake up, cook breakfast and when the men were clearing a road, she and her servant would pack up camp and go to the new camp and set up, cook dinner, etc.

Along the way, there was an Indian attack and bad weather. However, Susannah Boone and her servant, had the privilege of being the first, non-Indian women to be in Kentucky. Susannah must have been very brave!

Now, let me tell you about a brave young boy, named Paul Revere Jr.

We all know about “the” Paul Revere. Paul Revere had a son also named Paul that did something pretty brave when he was only 13 or 14.

The British had taken Boston, where the Reveres lived and when the Revolutionary War “officially” started the Revere family escaped to another town that was not taken by the British. But Mr. Reveres shop was still in Boston and if you left a building, shop or home, the British would vandalize and desecrate it. So young Paul stayed in Boston to take care of his family’s home until it was safe to come back.

This might not seem like much but think about it. The British had taken the city and things were not very stable there. Young Paul was alone in his house, with the British right outside. In those times of unrest Paul was being very brave as he protected his family’s home.

Those are the stories of the two amazing young people, as it says in my title. Now for the unsung hero of the American Revolution. Caeser Rodney.

You probably have not heard of him but he was so important in the making of our country. The Declaration of Independence was written and all it needed was to be unanimously passed. All the colonies had to agree. The vote was taken and here were the results: Nine of the thirteen colonies voted yes, two voted no, one abstained and one was split, one delegate to one. The Congress decided to have another debate the next morning and then a final vote.

Delaware, the colony that was split might very well decide the outcome, so they sent a courier to fetch the third delegate, Ceaser Rodney.

The messenger arrived at Rodney’s farm to tell him that he had seven hours to get back to Congress and vote. Rodney took his best horse and galloped into the night. He had eighty nine miles to go. They were difficult conditions with streams turned torrents, quagmires, and bad weather. Caeser had no change of horse but finally right before the vote was taken he was carried into the assembly room where he said these words:

“As I believe the voice of my constituents and of all sensible and honest men is in favor of independence, my own judgement concurs with them. I vote for independence.”

After the final vote it was twelve to none (New York had abstained). The colonies had become a country, with much thanks to Caeser Rodney.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these three heroes! Do you have a story of an unsung hero that you would like to share? Comment below!

Priscilla Joy

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Journal Entries- My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 16 years old. I sometimes can’t believe I am that old but I like the sound of both 15 and 16 so I am still happy. :)

I had a really fun time yesterday so I will reveal what I did in this journal entry blog post.

When I woke up I had my devotions like usual. I had been reading in Isaiah but I took a break from that and read Phillipians because that is one of my favorite books of the Bible and you always do your favorite things on your birthday, right?

We had breakfast together (my dad and Jace took off work) and looked at my baby book. I always love looking at that. It is fun to see our family when I was born, my little brother Jace (almost two at the time of my birth) is SO cute! I opened gifts and then we all got ready and dressed for the day.

We headed out on the road to Stone Mountain about 9:30 a.m. We arrived there at about 10:45 a.m. I like to go hiking on my birthday because it is something I love to do but we don’t get to do a lot. We had never been to Stone Mountin before so we were all looking forward to it.

I decided we should do the Stone Mountain Loop Trail. It was 4.5 miles but we probably hiked about 5 miles in all because you had to hike .3 miles to get to the trailhead.

Stone Mountain Summit

Stone Mountain Summit

It was very pretty. Not too long before we started there was this HUGE stone slab that we stopped at and just hung out and explored and ate lunch at. It was cool. We hiked up some more (up and up and up) until we reached the Stone Mountain Summit. It was 2,305 altitude! It was sooo high up!

The view from Stone Mountain summit

The view from Stone Mountain summit

We saw lots of Hawks (maybe 100?) circling in the air right about our height. It was cool that we were the same height as the birds. Also the mountains around us were about equal with us. We were high up. After experiencing that awe inspiring work of God we continued.

This next leg of the journey was through the forest so it got cool and damp in there. We went down lots of steps and we were all very glad that we were not going up the steps! It was about 1.5 miles between each attraction. We stopped at a “comfort station” (a wet bench) and had granola bars and apples. Then we got to the Hutchinson Homestead. It was pretty cool. There was an old barn, cabin, corn crib, outhouse, garden, smokehouse and more. You know me… I love the pioneer/frontier times!

Hutchinson Homestead

Hutchinson Homestead

After that the trail went through a field and then into the forest again. There were a lot of gurgling brooks on the side of the trail and we soon came to the source! The Stone Mountain Waterfall! It was a huge slab of stone with sheets of water just careening down it! William, Celia and I went to the bottom of it and watched it for a bit. The trail then went up the waterfall so there were lots of stairs. Lots and lots and lots.

Stone Mountain waterfall

Stone Mountain waterfall

There wasn’t too much more. After the waterfall there was only less than half a mile to go. We went back to the car and headed back to Statesville where we stopped for dinner at Crackerbarrel. It was a really good time as a family. Very precious.

We went to a friends house for dessert. We played Risk and had ice cream sundaes and brownies. Then we came home and since we were all very tired went to bed soon after.

I stayed up and looked at my baby book one last time and then I went to bed. I had a great day! Thanks to all who made it special! I look forward to see what God will do in me this next year!

-Priscilla Joy

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When God Says No

I read “Do Hard Things” two or three times. Yes, it is that good. Our youth pastor preached a series about doing hard things. The idea changed my teen years.

The last time I read the book (a month ago maybe?) I felt like God had a hard thing for me to do. What was it?

Then I realized it. Doing hard things isn’t always planning an outreach or fundraiser, saving someones life or even diligently doing chores at home. Somethimes a hard thing is just to say yes when God says no.

I recently had this experience.

I had the oppurtunity to go down to Mexico for a week to serve at the Rancho3M orphanage in November. In fact a week from now I would be in Mexico.

Now if you really know me you know that serving down there is the highlight of my summer and that I really have a heart for that ministy. Oh and I love all the kids down there to pieces.

I REALLY wanted to go.

But God shut the door.

I was disappointed although I didn’t show it outwardly. I missed it down there. And that is when I realized that I have to say Yes to God even when He says No to something I desperately want to do.

His plan is always better. Isn’t it? We don’t always know why He gives us that answer. Sometimes we see it after and sometime we don’t. We just have to leave it up to Him.


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Do I Trust?

It is easy for us to say “Yeah, I trust God.” when everything is going well.

Its easy for us to trust Him in the good times.

But trust is something that hits us hard when we hit a rough spot.

For me right now that trust is: Do I trust God when we are moving?

Do I trust God when our house is closing in less than three weeks and we don’t know where we are going?

Do I trust God with my tomorrow…. wherever tomorrow is?

Maybe for you its asking: Do I trust God when my loved one dies? Or my baby is miscarried? Or my job is lost? Or my child turns from the faith?

Do you trust God when worry, anxiety and doubt cloud over your mind?

Sometimes trusting God seems so hard. We like to know what will happen, where we are going and what our future will look like.

Trusting God is hard. Really hard.

Thankfully God is so great and His word is full of promises when we are doubting. Here are a few.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.”
Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in Him, turn to Him and forget about solving your problems, leave it to Him, HE will direct your paths.

“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will act.”
Psalm 37:5

He will act! What a promise.

“Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”
Matthew 6:34

Read the whole passage of Matthew 6:25-34 to see how he clothes the lilies and feeds the birds. 😉

And a personal favorite of mine….

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and supplication let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will gaurd your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
Phillipians 4:6-7

Let Christ know your worries and the peace of God which is better than any knowledge (where you will go, what you will do, etc.) will flood our hearts and minds.

So I don’t know where you are right now in life but if you have an area where you are anxious and worried and maybe struggling with trusting God, read His promises and just give Him everything. He will uphold you and strengthen you.

Keep on trusting!

P.S. Oh and scripture is riddled with more promises like the ones above so get your Bible out and find them!

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Heroes and Heroines of Character: Strategy

This is my first enstallment of this series, “Heroes and Heroines of Character” and the first historical fiction piece I have written in a long time. Please be patient with me and forgive me if my historical facts get mussed up in the fiction. The setting is in Canada in the French and Indian War. General Wolfe and General Montcalm are real characters and the battle of Quebec really happened but everything else in fictitious. Enjoy!

…Isaac shivered. The cold wind seemed to wrack his small body and he wondered why he was here, why he had volunteered for this. He looked up at the heights of Abraham and shivered again, this time from fear. Would this even work?

Isaac had grown up on a farm in Vermont one of the new American colonies. His mother had been pregnant with him as thier family went to the New World. He had been born here and never knew anything else. Isaac was small for his age and with four older brothers and two younger sisters he was often left behind from the “mans work” and instead helped his mother with small tasks.

Sometimes Isaac complained to his mother that he got left behind on all the big adventures but his mother always told him, “Isaac Goss, don’t you ever think that. Just like Isaac, the blessed son of Abraham you are a boy with promise and just like Abraham you will go places you never thought you would.”

Isaac never knew what that meant but he nodded his head to please his mother. His mother though meant every word she said and looking past the small, “runty” boy he was she saw promise and a smart mind. The area of Vermont the Goss family lived in had no school and Mother took to teaching Isaac his letters and numbers and soon Isaac was a good reader and had a good head for logic, reason and strategy. He grew into a thin, spry, nimble boy who loved to run and climb and wrestle. Often he beat his strong older brothers in friendly wrestling matches because of his wits.

Then something happened that would change Isaac… forever. His older brother Lincoln went to fight in the French and Indian War. Lincoln had been Isaacs favorite brother always keeping an eye out for him. Without Lincoln, Isaacs other brothers took to teasing him a little more and calling him ‘squirt’.

By now Isaac was a very capable 14 year old and he decided to get out of there. He loved his mother and father but he also wanted to prove that he could be a man and have an adventure… just like Abraham. “Mother would like that, wouldn’t she?” he thought to himself. The next night Isaac crept through the window and ran away. He only packed a bit of bread and meat from supper.

Isaac walked until he go to a camp where he asked for an officer to speak to. A man came out and introduced himself as Officer Johnson. “Who are you here for, boy?” he asked. “None but myself, sir. Can I join?” Here Officer Johnson stopped him and laughed. “You? Why you are just…(chuckles)…a little squirt! I can get you a spot as a water boy, nothing better, nothing….for the like of you!” Isaac bristled at the answer but seeing an oppurtunity he accepted the job as a water boy and went to help the other water boys.

The next few weeks were long. Isaac marched with the army and along the way heard news of exciting battles..victories and defeats. But once again Isaac never seemed to be part of the adventures. So the weeks passed. He would be dismissed from one camp and recruited at another always as a water boy. He was almost always hungry and cold. One friendly soldier gave him a coat and from then on he was a little warmer but he still wondered why he had come and why he had left his cozy family.

Late one night he was asking for a job at a nearby British camp and finally he didn’t hear the dreaded words, “water boy… squirt!”. Instead he heard… “Hmm, while General James Wolfe needs an assistant boy. Run along to his tent and ask him if he need you, if not…. get lost.” Isaac pleased at the change of jobs ran along to the tent and went inside.

General Wolfe was sitting at a desk, writing something. Candles flickered around the room and Isaac embraced the warmth. He cleared his throat and the General turned around. “Who are you? What do you need?” Isaac was surprised, General Wolfe looked younger than he had expected. “If it pleases you, sir. I was told to find you and see if you would have need of an assistant boy.” General Wolfe smiled, “I do in fact. What is your name?” Isaac responded “Isaac sir.” “Well, Isaac you are hired.”

The next few days were full of hard work. General Wolfe kept Isaac busy bringing him meals, washing his clothes, shining his shoes and uniform and somethimes even penning letters or ledgers for him. Isaac grew to admire General Wolfe, he had a wise mind, a discerning eye and laughing eyes. He was a man who was used to being obeyed though. Once Isaac slept out in the cold because he had not obeyed an order to the extent General Wolfe wanted it done. Isaac got to be around generals and officers and was thrilled to learn about strategy and battle plans.

One day an order came in for General Wolfe to lead a force to capture Quebec, an important city. General Louis Montcalm was over the city and was confident as he had smashed the English many times before. General Wolfe was brilliant though and looked forward to the challenge. Late at night, Isaac would hear General Wolfe, awake, thinking up strategy and the next day he would hold a meeting to discuss his ideas. Isaac was always shooed away from the meetings but one time he managed to sneak into the tent. He overheard some of the conversation.

“What are we going to do?”
“This is a very important battle you know.”
“…element of surprise.”
” which way…?”
“the only way is up.”
“but can we do it?”
“…. we have to.”

An announcement was made to move out and the army started the march toward Quebec. Isaac runnning alongside his masters horse wondered what plan they would use. The only way is up? What did that mean? Soon they were in sight of the city and General Wolfe called a stop. While the other soldiers pitched tents and made fires General Wolfe stood looking out toward the city. Isaac approached him cautiously. “Which way is up, sir?” The general smiled grimly and waved him to his side. “You heard that didn’t you? Well, Isaac the only way is to go up the heights of Abraham.” Isaac looked in awe. The heights of Abraham was a huge cliff that jutted out. It lay between them and the city.

That night, the plan was told to everyone and the soldiers moved out. It was the dead of night and Isaac shivered, his small body ached with numbness as the chill wind wracked his small frame. He was determined to be part of this adventure though. General Wolfe had given him a knife and a small pistol. They reached the edge of the cliff and every man looked up and shook his head with wonder but obeying thier general, they started the climb.

It was rough. Real rough. Isaac’s every bone ached and shook and twice he almost fell but thankfully all the times climbing with his brothers as a boy paid off and though it was difficult it was not impossible. He stopped to rest on a small ledge and looked around him. Men, like little bugs were slowly crawling on the wall. He looked down and instantly wished he hadn’t. If only Linclon was here or Father or even his other brothers. They would have done so much better at this. Isaac thought it ironic that he was climbing the heights of Abraham. Like Isaac, he was a child of promise and here like Abraham he was far from home climbing his adventure. Like Abraham he needed faith, Isaac sent up a quick prayer that went something like this:

“O God, don’t let me die.”

Finally, after what seemed like eternity, they reached the top and entered the town. The battle was fierce but swift and they had the element of surprise. General Montcalm the haughty French general was killed and after that the battle was definitely in their favor. In horror Isaac watched as a bullet hit his own beloved general. He ran over to him and said, “They run!” “Who runs?” General Wolfe asked weakly. “The enemy, sir!” he cried in triumph yet with tears flowing as he watched General Wolfe smile weakly in victory then close his eyes in surrender to the Almighty.

The End

“Plans are established by counsel; by wise guidance wage war.”
Proverbs 20:18

The main character quality was strategy although I am sure you detected more.

What other character qualities did you notice?
Do you think that General Wolfe’s strategy was good? Why?
Do you think his strategy is why they won the battle?

Let me hear your thoughts!

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Journal Entries- Road Trip to Texas

Before I start telling you what we did I will tell you about what we went to Texas for.

Basically, my big brother Jace has been doing a program called College Plus! since he was 14. In those three years he developed a relationship with his coach, took amazing courses like Comparitive Worldviews, Signature Leadership 1 and 2 and study skills, and tested out of college with CLEP tests. He has gotten involved with CP community, become a CP ambassador and made great friends.

This last week was the student conference called CPE3 in a town near San Antonio. There was a graduation for all students who will/have graduated in 2015. My brother finished his college the week before he left and though he still has to apply for graduation he is done with all his college work! Jace has a BA in History now. He is 17. Yeah. (!!!!!) :)

Our family wouldn’t miss his graduation for the world so we decided to take a crazy trip to Texas and support him in this huge milestone. Below I have my journal entries for all of the days of our trip so read below and see what our trip was like!

Day 1- Mooresville, NC
Today was a day of packing up, our Grandpa came down from Ashevelle to hitch a ride with us. We got our van inspected, packed food, clothing, books and car activities.


All my books. :) From top to bottom:
The Bible, My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers, my journal, Kingdom’s Reign by Chuck Black, Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola, The Light and Glory by Peter Marshall and David Manuel, William Penn by Janet and Geoff Benge, Beorn the Proud by Madeline Polland, Children of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien, William Penn (Landmark), Math-U-See Algebra 1 Test booklet, Exploring Creation with Biology by Dr. Jay Wile, my knitting and binoculars. Yeah its a lot.

We had a good trip but it was mostly driving so not much to tell. :) That night was a little uncomfortable but I got a good few hours of sleep.

Day 2- somewhere in Louisiana
Early today, we drove into Texas, stopped at a rest stop, ate muffins, etc. We made very good time and made it to San Antonio, TX around 8:30 am. Everyone trooped out and we headed to the Alamo. The Alamo! What beautiful, brave history there. We bought postcards and really enjoyed that time.

Then we headed to the river walk. It was very pretty. We stopped and had some nacho chips which were really good. There was a guy filming a movie so we walked in the background and made goofy faces. :) There were lots of pigeons, ducks and sparrows.

We checked into our hotel, did some swimming and went out to this authentic Texas burger place with some friends. Then we watched some TV (a rare experience) and crashed.

Day 3- San Antonio, TX
We woke up and had Texas shaped waffles for breakfast. We checked out of the hotel and met the same friends for a short hike at Comanche Lookout. There was a historic watchtower and a quarry for the kids to play in. We picnicked with them at a park and then hung out at the library before grabbing dinner at Chick-fil-A and getting ready for the graduation.

We found the resort and went in. Everyone was so nice. I got to meet Dewey Novotny, my Navigate teacher. It was a really special evening with worship a message from Mr. Novotny, the turning of the tassels and an ice cream social afterward. Lots of pictures were taken and we got to meet Eddy again.

Me and my college graduate brother!

Me and my college graduate brother!

After that, we headed home and there is not much to say because it was just sleeping, driving and reading.

Day 4- somewhere on the way home, Louisiana? Alambama?
More driving, sleeping and reading.

Day 5- Charlotte, NC
After picking up Jace from the airport we headed to Asheville, NC and spent the day resting and recovering at my grandparent’s house. My sister and I went shopping with my grandma but other than that we just hung out. We headed home that night and got to sleep in our own beds! Aaaah.

Well, that is the short journal entrie. If I see you in person I can tell you more but now I have to go.


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Book Review- The Hidden Hand by E.D.E.N. Southworth

Hello! I will be starting to do more book reviews so all you readers keep updated and maybe you will find a good book to read. :)

“The Hidden Hand” was loaned to me by a friend. It is a Lamplighter book which means that it was an old book that Lamplighter republished.

Rating: 5 stars *****
Why the rating? “The Hidden Hand” had an intriguing plot which kept you on the edge and wove many lives into one great story. The characters were endearing and vibrant, the content was good, it was written in an old style but understandable.

The Characters: I will give you a brief picture of the characters and then a sneak peek of the plot (I will try to give no spoilers!).

Major Ira Warfield (Old Hurricane)- The first character we are introduced to, Ira is an old fogey who has quite a temper. He has a military background and is adopted uncle of Capitola (see below).
Capitola- A spunky, brave, and spirited lass. She was found on the streets of New York dressed as a boy and is always stirring up adventures and Old Hurricanes temper. She is the daughter of…oops you will have to find that out!
Herbert Greyson- Good friend of Capitola, nephew of Old Hurricane and adopted son of Marah Rocke (see below). He goes into the army and fights in a war against Mexico.
Marah Rocke- Forgotten wife of Old Hurricane, motherly friend of Clara Day (see below) and housekeeper for Docter Day (see below).
Traverse Rocke- Son of Marah Rocke, betrothed husband to Clara Day, promising young doctor.
Doctor Day- Kind old doctor who takes in Marah and Traverse Rocke, father of Clara Day.
Clara Day- Daughter of Doctor Day, betrothed wife of Traverse Rocke, friend of Capitola and Marah Rocke.
Colonel Le Noir- Evil villian who commits crimes against many of the above characters. I won’t spoil it and tell you what though.
Craven Le Noir- son of Colonel Le Noir, attempted suitor of Capitola and bad guy to the bone.
Black Donold- The feared outlaw of the area, attempts several kidnaps against Capitola.

Ok, those are the main characters. There are more but I might give the story away if I told you who they were!

Basic Plot: Old Hurricane hears about a young girl who lives on the streets of New York from a dying nurse. He finds her dressed like a boy, adopts her and brings her home. There are many adventures that Capitola has along with the other characters, including kidnap attempts, duels, treachery, orphans, thunderstorms and much more! The pace was fast and I enjoyed reading it so much that I had stayed up reading it late into the night. It was a great book.

Hope you enjoy the review and the book if you check it out!


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Journal Entries- Mission Trip to Mexico- Day 8

So here is my last installment of journal entries from Mexico. Hope you enjoy!

Our last day there we had a prolonged devotion at breakast and we sang “10,000 Reasons” as a group.

After our breakfast, we packed up the vans and cleaned the dorms and kitchen.

Some of us ran to the Mexican convenience store and got Mexican coke and authentic Mexican candy. It was spicy, sweet, tangy and sour all in one. How does that happen?

Next, the kids got up and we spent the rest of the morning hanging out with them. I played some last soccer with Chuy, Manuel and Aline.

Soon, the call came to pack up in the vans and then well there was lots of hugs and more hugs and even more hugs and goodbyes. Goodbyes are so hard.

The rest is history, I guess. Drive out of the Ranch trying not to cry. Go to the airport. Unpack the vans and say goodbye to the team you worked alongside all week and split up to get to our flights.

We arrived at our gate, and took a flight to Dallas TX and then after a layover we flew to Charlotte, NC. I am not a city girl, but I must say it was pretty to see all the ligts of Charlotte, since we landed at night.

I said goodbye to the team I had flown with (yeah, this was a day of goodbyes) and went down the escalator to see my family.

I saw William and Dad first, they were at the bottom of the esalator and then farther back there was Mom, Celia, Jace and surprise! my best friend Abigail!

And now there were hello and welcome back hugs for once.

We dropped Abigail back off at her house and went home. To bed.

It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again! (hopefully)

your one and only,

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Journal Entries- Mission Trip to Mexico- Day 7

The week is coming to end. It is sad for some, exciting for some but the whole team is tired. But today is not a day of rest, it is finishing project day. There is a shed to finish, curtains to make, and trees to plant. We did not stain today but instead used the time to help finish projects.

At first, I helped with the curtain crew, doing the dreaded task of turning the sewing from inside out to right side out. After that, there wasn’t much more I could do so I moved to helping the tree planting team. I helped with that most of the day.

Planting trees in Mexico is not just sticking the tree in the ground. You have to mix up a special recipe of dirt which includes manure, ash and straw. Then you have to put equal amounts of the dirt mixture and water in the holes before putting the tree in. Once the tree is in, you fill in the hole with water and the dirt mixture. Then you build a type of wall around it with dirt and then you flood the inside. Then you rake around the wall to make it look nice. :)

We planted pistachio trees and I hope to see them growing strong when I go next year. :)

We took a break from planting for a quick lunch and then went straight back to work. We planted around 50 trees that day.

I had to leave mid afternoon to help with games. We did the same games as on Thursday and Daniel translated for us again.

After games, I planted trees again until dinner. After dinner, we served ice cream to the kids and gave them paracord bracelets that our team had made in our spare time.

Then our team took a hike to the “cross”, which is basically a cross erected onto a mountain near the Ranch. You can hike up to it and watch the sunrise or sunset. We stayed up for the sunset. The older kids came with us and we had a blast.

When we came back, the teens from our team and the Ranch played hide and seek in the dark.

After a while, we went inside and got into bed.

It was a long hard day of work but we had a LOT of fun! Serving the Lord is the best! :)

I can’t believe that tomorrow we leave. :( Lots of the kids don’t want me to go. One of my little friends said “No, you are staying with me” and another kid wanted to have me pack him in my backpack. Sniff…sniff, I miss them.

your one and only,

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