5 Amazing Summer Reads

Yes, school is starting up again but I decided to post some of my favorite summer reads.

1.) Vango by Timothee de Fombelle
An exciting, intriguing read full of suspense and adventure. Follow Vango, a special young man with a mysterious past, as he runs for his life across Europe. You’ll touch down in France, Germany, Scotland and other places and you’ll travel in zeppelins, cars and trains. Meet exiting characters and flirt with danger. Such a great read! Make sure you get the sequel A Prince Without A Kingdom!

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart
Another high adventure book following four gifted children and thier fight to stop disaster. Full of beloved characters, daring escapes and curious puzzles this book is sure to keep you reading late into the night. Witty, clever and heartwarming as well. Make sure you read ALL of Trenton Lee Stewart’s books! They are some of my favorites!

Watership Down by Richard Adams
A different sort of fantasy, this book follows a group of rabbits as they search for (and fight for) a home of thier own. Enjoy a fresh and beautiful look into rabbits (in a fantasy world) as they keep together as a family to create a home.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
If you have NOT read these, summer is a fine time to start! Classic adventures that everyone must read, adults and kids (because we are all children at heart, right?). Narnia is the most beautiful land I think there could be. You are sure to enjoy the adventures therein!

The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson
Theses books are so beautiful. They will make you laugh and cry and yearn and dream. Full of adventure and many near escapes the delightful characters in these books are going to grab your heart. The Igibys are a family with a secret and what a captivating story it is as you watch those secrets unfold! Love these so much!

Well, there are five quick summaries of five amazing stories. Make sure you read them all!
Priscilla Joy

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Book Review: I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Josh Harris and 3 Bible Verses on Purity

I recently read the book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” by Josh Harris. Now for some of you reading this, the title might scare you off. Please, don’t! If you are thinking that, you are exactly the person who must be read it!

Age: 15+
Rating: ***** 5 stars
Main Synopsis: Harris breaks the “dating” mentality by looking at the “7 Defects of Dating” and then looking at topics such as true love, singleness and purity.

I enjoyed the book. I had already decided not to date but I think if you have not decided to do that this book would be influential for you. He also explores questions like “How do you be ‘just friends’? There is also a chapter about what Godly courting would look like. I recommend this book!

I also wanted to include a few Bible verses I came across in Proverbs about purity. Here you go!

“Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23

“Drink water from your own cistern, flowing water from your own well. Should your springs be scattered abroad, streams of water in the streets? Let them be for yourself alone, and not for strangers with you.” Proverbs 5:15-17

“Keep your way far from her (the adulteress), and do not go near the door of her house. Lest you give your honor to others and your years to the merciless.” Proverbs 5:8-9

Hope you enjoyed the book review and Bible verses! Have you made a commitment to stay pure?

Priscilla Joy

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Book Review: Calico Captive

Calico Captive was written by Elisabeth George Speare, one of my favorite authors of historical fiction. She has some more great books like “Sign of the Beaver” “The Bronze Bow” and “The Witch of Blackbird Pond” so check her out!

Rating: ***** 5 out of 5 stars! (like most books I review)
What age? It was a bit longer (about 300 pages) so probably 12 and up but if they are really good readers maybe even 10 and up.
Audience: I would recommend this more for girls than boys just because there is a few who-marries-who scenes and the main character is a girl. (Boys: check out “The Bronze Bow” and “The Sign of the Beaver”-you will love them!)
Would I recommend? Yes!

The main gist- Set during the French and Indian War, “Calico Captive” realates the story of Miriam Willard and her sisters family who were captured by Indians and then held captive by the French. Beautifully written with some twists, suspense and intrigue. The other characters of Felicite, Pierre, Phineas, Madame Duquesne, Hortense and Mehkoa are well made and contribute depth to the story.

So after Miriam and Susanna (her sister) are thrown out from the Duquesnes (spelling?) they live in a tailors shop and make dresses for a living while they wait for James (Susannas husband) to return with thier freedom. Susanna and James go to prison when he returns and Miriam has to ask Pierre for help- as that is going on he falls in love with her and asks her to marry him. Will Miriam marry the wealthy Pierre or wait for her soldier Phineas? There are good examples of marriage in the book- rare in this day and age.

(spoilers are over) Read this jewel!


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Book Review- Titus: Comrade of the Cross

First of all some background on this book, Titus: Comrade of the Cross by Florence Morse Kingsley. This is a Lamplighter book, which means it is an ooold book and was re-published by Lamplighter publishing. Check out their books…. they re-publish old gems. :)

This book had been sitting on the shelf in our home and I finally picked it up and started reading it. What a treat! It kept me reading waaay past my bedtime a few nights and was a gripping page-turner, it was written beautifully and contained some awesome lessons.

Rating: ***** 5 out of 5 stars!
Age to read: It would make a good family read aloud or read on your own as a pre-teen or teen.
Would I recommend? Yes, yes, yes!!!

The overall gist- The life of Jesus through the eyes of Titus and Stephen (mostly). Titus was stolen as a boy from Caiaphas and grew up as the son of a drunk, Greek man. Stephen is Titus’s brother (son of the Greek) and is a cripple. This book gave a new look on that old story. When reading this I noticed lots of Scripture throughout so it is very intune with what the Bible says in the Gospels. An amazing account of Jesus’s life. I was impressed.

(This next paragraph will have spoilers so read only if you want to!) There were lots of twists in the plot. Like I said above it was very intune with the Bible but it had a story all of its own. It gave a great glimpse into Jesus working miracles and the heart behind those who were healed like Stephen (the cripple) who crawled to the city to plead for the life of his little friend and then Jesus heals him! You will see the characters show up in places in the story of Jesus like Damachus (the Greek dad) is the one who wants to make Jesus king after he feeds the five thousand. And Titus and Damachus are the ones who are hung on the cross on either side of Jesus. (Titus goes with Him to paradise).

(the spoilers are over) Lots of excitement. It really made the story of Jesus’s life come alive. Gripping, beautiful and well written!

Hope you enjoy!
Priscilla đź“š

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Book Review- Unplanned by Abby Johnson

I recently finished the book “Unplanned” by Abby Johnson. The story is about Abby and her journey from one side of the fence to the other. If you don’t understand keep reading and I will explain. :)

Rating: ***** 5 stars- as usual with my book reviews!
Age to read: 13 and up – The book did describe the abortion process in the first chapter so that is why I think it should be for mature readers only…

Abby Johnson started volunteering at Planned Parenthood after a volunteer fair at her college. She had a heart for the women coming and wanted to help them. Planned Parenthood fed her lies that by giving abortions they were helping the women. Abby had two abortions herself and moved on to operate the clinic in Bryan, TX. But then, one fateful day she helped with an abortion procedure and her eyes were opened. God had been wooing her over time and this one act was the last straw. She knew now that what she had been doing all along was help support killing babies. Read this incredible book to learn about Abby’s amazing story of walking across the line from Planned Parenthood to Coalition for LIFE!!!

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5 Books Every Young Woman Needs to Read

So as all of you know I am a big reader and I wanted to share five books I have read that I think all you young women would benefit from. Have at it!

1. Beautiful Girlhood
revised by Karen Andreola
This book is great for a study or for moms to read with your daughters. It talks about blooming like a rose into a woman. Every chapter talks about a different topic, sincerity, modesty, friends, books, public behavior and many more amazing topics. This book is older and holds a lot of wisdom that we don’t have now. Beautiful Girlhood is appropriate to read with younger girls too and I think some eight and nine year olds could benefit from reading this with her mom.

2. Becoming God’s True Woman…while you still have a curfew
by Susan Hunt and Mary Kassian
Becoming Gods True Woman is a devotional which again I think is ideal for moms and daughters to go through together. There are little assignments at the end of each devotional which are fun to do. This book transformed the way I thought about womanhood and the role of a woman. Women are life givers, support pillars and helpers. Very great book. And you girls who are like me and are NOT girly do NOT be fooled by the pink cover and flowery pages. This book was great with a lot of wisdom in it!

3. Let Me Be A Woman
by Elisabeth Elliot
This book is a collection of letters from Elisabeth Elliot to her daughter Valerie before she gets married. Coming from an amazing woman this book is sure to be great. It contains wisdom for the single, married and widowed with the majority of the book on marriage though. I really enjoyed it but I would recommend to maybe thirteen and up because there was a chapter on Godly use of sex. You can just skim over it like I did or read it with a parent if you aren’t comfortable reading about that. But it was excellent and you really should read it.

4. Daughters of Destiny
by Noelle Wheeler
From the daughter of “Little Bear” Wheeler, this book contains much to be praised! A collection of poems and stories of all sorts of women, this book is inspirational and interesting. Many heroines and noble women of history who have been forgotten have their stories told here. The book talks about daughters of virtue, home, strength, service, royalty, stature, liberty, lyrics, purpose and vision. Women like Jenny Lind, Clara Barton, Elizabeth Zane, Mary Slessor, Pocahontas and Betsy Ross have amazing life stories and these women and MANY others have them told in this book. Read it.

5. Before You Meet Prince Charming
by Sarah Mally
“A guide to radiant purity” is the subtitle of this book. True to that this book contains much about purity, keeping yourself until marriage and modesty of spirit. Contains many funny stories from the authors family and some fun activities. My dad went through this book with my sister and me and we all loved it so much. A must read for Christian girls!

Well there you have it ladies! You just added five books to the ever growing reading list. :) Enjoy, benefit and learn from them!


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Book Review- The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elisabeth George Speare

So I actually didn’t read this book until my teen years because it had witch in the title and we don’t do witches in our house. I missed out on a classic! This book was amazing.

Rating: ***** 5 stars!
Audience: Boys and girls would both enjoy it but I think girls would like it more because the main character was a girl and there was some who will marry who in it. Nothing sentimental or romancy though.

Kit- orphan from the exotic island of Barbados
Uncle Matthew- Kits stern Puritan uncle
Aunt Rachel- Kits kind and submissive aunt
Judith- Kits vain but hardworking cousin
Mercy- Kits sweet, kind, loving, crippled cousin
Nat Eaton- the son of Captain Eaton of the “Dolphin”, friend of Hannah Tupper (He was one of my favorite characters)
William Ashby- Rich admirerer of Kit
Prudence- daughter of mean Goodwife Cruff, she is befriended by Kit and introduced to Hannah Tupper.
Hannah Tupper- The “witch” of Blackird pond, she is really just a sweet Quaker woman
John Holbrook- studious student of the Reverend, admirerer of Mercy

Basic Plot: When Kit goes to America to live with her uncle and her family she is not prepared for the stern, solemn way of life of the Puritans. She always seems to make mistakes and get in trouble and on top of all that William Ashby is trying to get her to marry him! She finds comfort and hope from Hannah Tupper, the Quaker “witch”. When the towns epidemic of sickness is blamed on Hannah, Kit helps her escape but what will happen when SHE is accused of witchcraft?

This was a beautiful piece of children’s fiction. It had a great plot and characters and kept you reading and reading. A most endearing work of art.


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Book Review- The Hidden Hand by E.D.E.N. Southworth

Hello! I will be starting to do more book reviews so all you readers keep updated and maybe you will find a good book to read. :)

“The Hidden Hand” was loaned to me by a friend. It is a Lamplighter book which means that it was an old book that Lamplighter republished.

Rating: 5 stars *****
Why the rating? “The Hidden Hand” had an intriguing plot which kept you on the edge and wove many lives into one great story. The characters were endearing and vibrant, the content was good, it was written in an old style but understandable.

The Characters: I will give you a brief picture of the characters and then a sneak peek of the plot (I will try to give no spoilers!).

Major Ira Warfield (Old Hurricane)- The first character we are introduced to, Ira is an old fogey who has quite a temper. He has a military background and is adopted uncle of Capitola (see below).
Capitola- A spunky, brave, and spirited lass. She was found on the streets of New York dressed as a boy and is always stirring up adventures and Old Hurricanes temper. She is the daughter of…oops you will have to find that out!
Herbert Greyson- Good friend of Capitola, nephew of Old Hurricane and adopted son of Marah Rocke (see below). He goes into the army and fights in a war against Mexico.
Marah Rocke- Forgotten wife of Old Hurricane, motherly friend of Clara Day (see below) and housekeeper for Docter Day (see below).
Traverse Rocke- Son of Marah Rocke, betrothed husband to Clara Day, promising young doctor.
Doctor Day- Kind old doctor who takes in Marah and Traverse Rocke, father of Clara Day.
Clara Day- Daughter of Doctor Day, betrothed wife of Traverse Rocke, friend of Capitola and Marah Rocke.
Colonel Le Noir- Evil villian who commits crimes against many of the above characters. I won’t spoil it and tell you what though.
Craven Le Noir- son of Colonel Le Noir, attempted suitor of Capitola and bad guy to the bone.
Black Donold- The feared outlaw of the area, attempts several kidnaps against Capitola.

Ok, those are the main characters. There are more but I might give the story away if I told you who they were!

Basic Plot: Old Hurricane hears about a young girl who lives on the streets of New York from a dying nurse. He finds her dressed like a boy, adopts her and brings her home. There are many adventures that Capitola has along with the other characters, including kidnap attempts, duels, treachery, orphans, thunderstorms and much more! The pace was fast and I enjoyed reading it so much that I had stayed up reading it late into the night. It was a great book.

Hope you enjoy the review and the book if you check it out!


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#25- Read Through the Entire Bible

About a year ago I received a Bible reading schedule and a challenge. Two days ago (Saturday, November 29th) I finished the challenge. As you have probably guessed the challenge was to read through the Bible, no time limit, just the hope that I would hide God’s word in my heart. Thanks to the Lord I did. I believe that reading all of the Bible, God’s word to us, is a huge step in your Christian walk. I hope to read through the Bible again this year. My family was such a blessing to me and an encouragement when I finished. Can not wait to see how God will teach and guide me this next year!


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#22- Began An Auto Upkeep Book

So if you hang out at the Bower’s, you may see that our schooling takes initiative and self control. Our parents philosophy is “teach them to learn, and let em’ learn!” If there is a certain subject we want to study, we find books and study on that topic. We have oodles of books in our house and sometimes browsing our shelves can start the pursuit of a new project or skill or subject to learn about. Our parents have also really wanted us to know about auto upkeep and how to be able to do basic auto work. I am good with my hands and after finding a book in our shelves I started working on it. This was hard because the first chapter (vehicle identification and the history of cars) seemed boring and the book sat on my school shelf for a while before I picked it up and started doing it. It turned out to be great. There’s a reason God gave you a brain. To learn about Him, the things He has made and enjoy it! Once you grasp the idea that any kind of learning is learning about God (math, science, history etc.) you are on the right track and you have true brain power!


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