5 Amazing Summer Reads

Yes, school is starting up again but I decided to post some of my favorite summer reads.

1.) Vango by Timothee de Fombelle
An exciting, intriguing read full of suspense and adventure. Follow Vango, a special young man with a mysterious past, as he runs for his life across Europe. You’ll touch down in France, Germany, Scotland and other places and you’ll travel in zeppelins, cars and trains. Meet exiting characters and flirt with danger. Such a great read! Make sure you get the sequel A Prince Without A Kingdom!

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart
Another high adventure book following four gifted children and thier fight to stop disaster. Full of beloved characters, daring escapes and curious puzzles this book is sure to keep you reading late into the night. Witty, clever and heartwarming as well. Make sure you read ALL of Trenton Lee Stewart’s books! They are some of my favorites!

Watership Down by Richard Adams
A different sort of fantasy, this book follows a group of rabbits as they search for (and fight for) a home of thier own. Enjoy a fresh and beautiful look into rabbits (in a fantasy world) as they keep together as a family to create a home.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
If you have NOT read these, summer is a fine time to start! Classic adventures that everyone must read, adults and kids (because we are all children at heart, right?). Narnia is the most beautiful land I think there could be. You are sure to enjoy the adventures therein!

The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson
Theses books are so beautiful. They will make you laugh and cry and yearn and dream. Full of adventure and many near escapes the delightful characters in these books are going to grab your heart. The Igibys are a family with a secret and what a captivating story it is as you watch those secrets unfold! Love these so much!

Well, there are five quick summaries of five amazing stories. Make sure you read them all!
Priscilla Joy

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How to Make a Paracord Lanyard

Hey there!
Today I have a really cool project for you to do using Paracord (the survival cord). It is really simple and does not use a lot. A friend had given me some Paracord for my birthday and I wanted to make something really cool with it and this is what I came up with! Hope you enjoy!

How to Make a Paracord Lanyard

What you will need:image

To make this sweet lanyard you will need the following:
-about 4 feet or so of your choice of Paracord
-a key ring

Step 1

Fold your cord in half and put the key ring through it. You can kinda measure out how long you want it. You will want to have the point where you put the key ring a little longer than what you want your lanyard to be. Then you want to flip it around so the two loose ends are pointing up.

Step 2

This is where you will start doing the “cobra weave”. As in the picture you will want your loop part pointing down and the loose end on the left to be folded over the loop part forming a “backwards P”. You will want the loose end on the right to be straight down over the “backwards P” part. Take the right loose end and put it under everything and through the “backwards P”.

Pull to tighten. This is your first stitch. Here is a picture of how it should look.


Step 3
Do this on corresponding sides. (Your next stitch will be a “regular P” and the left loose side will go over it and then under and through the “P”.) Tighten after every stitch.

Step 4

Once you get to the end of your cord as you see in the picture above you will want to cut the excess cord off (not too much, not too little).


Then use the lighter to smolder the edges so it won’t fall apart.

Step 5
Put a key on it and you are done! I think these things look so amazing!


Lovely! Practical! Homemade!

Lovely! Practical! Homemade!

Have a fun time making your own DIY Paracord lanyard!

Priscilla Joy

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Living Like a Pioneer: Why Raise Chickens?

Why Get Chickens?

They provide food.
-Every twenty five hours a chicken lays an egg. With three chickens I get about eighteen eggs a week, plenty to feed a family. These eggs are not just grocery store eggs either. They are fresh (You don’t have to worry about eating eggs that have been in factories and then onto trucks which take them to your grocery store. These are not the freshest.), nutritious (You know what you feed your chickens and you know that they are not being fed chemicals. Remember, what you feed your chickens is going to show up in your eggs!), strong (ever noticed how the yolks and shells of fresh eggs are so much stronger? None of those chemicals on the shell to keep the eggs “fresh”!) and humane (You know that your chickens have laid these eggs in a humane environment. In fact, you are the one who lovingly cares for them!). Also as a bonus, eggs are full of protein!

They provide education.
-Raising chickens are great for kids and young people. The experience teaches you about responsibility in caring for animals and shows you the process of where food comes from and how it is produced. You can learn about hatching, incubation and care for baby animals. It is also very fun to watch the chicks grow from tiny little babies to grown chickens who are producing your breakfast!

They provide entertainment.
-Chickens can be pretty funny and each one has their own personality. You can feed them treats and when you bring their food to them they just flock to you! Also, it is fun to collect eggs, it is like an Easter egg hunt but everyday!

They provide help around the homestead.
-Chickens can provide some practical help for you in ways other than eggs! First of all, they eat your scraps which would otherwise go in the garbage and landfills. They also eat your bugs and keep that bug population low. And thirdly, chicken manure is great for your garden and yard as a fertilizer. So collect that manure and put it on your garden to produce that rich soil that is excellent for growing things!

Hope you enjoyed my four reasons why you should raise chickens!
Look for a post on how you actually raise chickens…. (There is your sneak preview)

Priscilla the farm girl

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Journal Entries- My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 16 years old. I sometimes can’t believe I am that old but I like the sound of both 15 and 16 so I am still happy. :)

I had a really fun time yesterday so I will reveal what I did in this journal entry blog post.

When I woke up I had my devotions like usual. I had been reading in Isaiah but I took a break from that and read Phillipians because that is one of my favorite books of the Bible and you always do your favorite things on your birthday, right?

We had breakfast together (my dad and Jace took off work) and looked at my baby book. I always love looking at that. It is fun to see our family when I was born, my little brother Jace (almost two at the time of my birth) is SO cute! I opened gifts and then we all got ready and dressed for the day.

We headed out on the road to Stone Mountain about 9:30 a.m. We arrived there at about 10:45 a.m. I like to go hiking on my birthday because it is something I love to do but we don’t get to do a lot. We had never been to Stone Mountin before so we were all looking forward to it.

I decided we should do the Stone Mountain Loop Trail. It was 4.5 miles but we probably hiked about 5 miles in all because you had to hike .3 miles to get to the trailhead.

Stone Mountain Summit

Stone Mountain Summit

It was very pretty. Not too long before we started there was this HUGE stone slab that we stopped at and just hung out and explored and ate lunch at. It was cool. We hiked up some more (up and up and up) until we reached the Stone Mountain Summit. It was 2,305 altitude! It was sooo high up!

The view from Stone Mountain summit

The view from Stone Mountain summit

We saw lots of Hawks (maybe 100?) circling in the air right about our height. It was cool that we were the same height as the birds. Also the mountains around us were about equal with us. We were high up. After experiencing that awe inspiring work of God we continued.

This next leg of the journey was through the forest so it got cool and damp in there. We went down lots of steps and we were all very glad that we were not going up the steps! It was about 1.5 miles between each attraction. We stopped at a “comfort station” (a wet bench) and had granola bars and apples. Then we got to the Hutchinson Homestead. It was pretty cool. There was an old barn, cabin, corn crib, outhouse, garden, smokehouse and more. You know me… I love the pioneer/frontier times!

Hutchinson Homestead

Hutchinson Homestead

After that the trail went through a field and then into the forest again. There were a lot of gurgling brooks on the side of the trail and we soon came to the source! The Stone Mountain Waterfall! It was a huge slab of stone with sheets of water just careening down it! William, Celia and I went to the bottom of it and watched it for a bit. The trail then went up the waterfall so there were lots of stairs. Lots and lots and lots.

Stone Mountain waterfall

Stone Mountain waterfall

There wasn’t too much more. After the waterfall there was only less than half a mile to go. We went back to the car and headed back to Statesville where we stopped for dinner at Crackerbarrel. It was a really good time as a family. Very precious.

We went to a friends house for dessert. We played Risk and had ice cream sundaes and brownies. Then we came home and since we were all very tired went to bed soon after.

I stayed up and looked at my baby book one last time and then I went to bed. I had a great day! Thanks to all who made it special! I look forward to see what God will do in me this next year!

-Priscilla Joy

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Loco…. muy loco

For all of you who do not speak Spanish the title of this post is “crazy, really crazy”. Yes, this post is going to give you a look into my families crazy side. Not the polite, public side or even the chilled, hangin-out-with-friends side. It is our crazy side.

Ok so back up a little, Celia, William and I were messing around with Jace in his room today. I melted into the closet hoping he wouldn’t notice me and I could surprise him. That doesn’t work when your other siblings (who adore their big sister so much they like to do everything she does) follow you into the closet, creating a surge of bodies inside the closet, which is already packed with a dresser and lots of hanging clothes!

With no place left to go I still try to pull together my “melting into the closet” act and slip between the dresser and the wall, underneath the hanging clothes into a small space which is perfect for hiding or reading a good book.

Thinking myself very clever, I get comfortable and stay quiet.


You guessed it. Little brother William (7) seeing me leave, climbs in after me. Ok, still not TOO bad, its a little smushed but more cozy than uncomfortable. And at least he isn’t sitting on me!

Well, not for long! Did I really think I could get away with this? Next time I think I will try to stick to the ceiling instead of melt into the closet. Food for thought.

Celia (12) looks around and not seeing her two partners in crime, finds them in my (what used to be) secret nook. What then evolves is a series of trying to fit my sister between the dresser with one hand and putting my little brother on my lap to make room for her with my other. (sigh) This isn’t a mansion or anything!

Ok, so we are all in. Why I don’t know because by now Jace is probably in the living room.

However, this adventure is not over yet! William is my nature rather…hmmm…how should I say it… squirmy?….active?…can’t keep still?….all of the above? Yeah thats the one, even in a closet space. Go figure.

Next there issues a stream of comments that would make anyone laugh (at least if you have a humor like me). Shall I give you a sampling?

Ok. Something like this.

“Your head is soo hard.” (directed toward William)
“Why is your elbow in my ear?”
“This would make a great blog post” (I wonder who said that… 😉 )
“Oh okay! That hurt.”
(insert random grunts)
“Is that your foot?”
“My leg is twisted in every direction.”
“I think I hit my funny bone.”
“My ankle is asleep!”
“Your head is in my mouth!” (also directed toward William, sensing a pattern…)

and on.

Please enjoy the mental picture of William thrashing around in this closet space on top of me (ahem ahem) and Celia.

Well, you might be wondering how this is going to end.

I will tell you.

This story ends with me stuffing Celia out of the closet and pushing William right behind her. Thats right folks.

Oh but I forgot to tell you.

The true end is me trying to get out without knocking all of Jace’s nice shirts off of the hangers. Its a skill. A skill I am blessed to have.

Boy, do I love my siblings.

Thank you for being crazy enough to listen and well enjoy the embellishes. :)

Your one and only,

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DIY Project: Seedlings

Spring is just around the corner so as well as taking care of baby chicks and welcoming my friends baby goats to the world I am also growing some “baby” plants. Yes! Seedlings! Doing seedlings are much less expensive than buying plants in the summer and more fun too in my opinion. Here are some easy steps to planting your own seedlings.

The things you will need.

First, seeds! We got these from the hardware store downtown for about $2.00 a packet. We planted jalepeno peppers and lettuce so that is all I have pictured but we have many more seeds too! These seeds are also non GMO! That means that they are NOT genetically modified! Yeah for that!


Next, containers! These are little seedling containers we got free from someone on Craigslist a couple years back. We have a ton of them! The seedlings will be transplanted into bigger pots later.


The soil we got at Lowes for about $4.00 a pack. It is made especially for planting seedlings.


Lastly, we got a spray bottle of water to water our seedlings. You could find a spray bottle at a dollar store I assume.


We put the containers filled with soil on a tray next to the window and put the seeds in. Then we watered them.


And labeled them…


I then put plastic wrap over and put it on top of the fridge (for the warmth) until it germinates. The seeds are supposed to germinate in about 2 weeks.



I am keeping track of seedlings on my calendar. Just follow the directions on the back of the seeds. Our frost date that I am going by is April 10th, most of the seeds are to be planted about 2-3 weeks before the frost date. Jalepeno and lettuce are to be planted earlier. If you do lots of seedlings make sure you keep a calendar.


Quick recap of what you need! Blessings on your planting!


I will post an update of my plants later…. Thanks to my little brother William for helping with the pictures. 😉 And getting pictures taken of him too… :)


Enjoy getting in the dirt! (I know I will)


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Faith is…???

What is faith? Recently in school I have been doing a word study on the word. I studied the word in the book of Galatians and a Bible dictionary. Here is what I found:

(the book of Galatians)

Faith is…

-how we are justified (Gal. 2:16a,3:11)
-how we live in Christ (Gal. 2:20, 3:11)
-how we are the sons of Abraham (Gal. 3:7)
-a gift (Gal. 3:25-26)
-how we are sons of God (Gal. 3:25-26)

I want to encourage you to look up the verses too. :)

(the Bible dictionary)

Faith is…

-a confident will toward God
-genuine saving faith is a personal attachment to Christ
-reliance on Christ and commitment to him
-saving faith involves personally depending on the finished work of Christ
-personal commitment of one’s life to follow ghrist
-teachings of the Bible
-true faith is confidence in God or Christ, not in oneself

Let us rejoice at these great truths!


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#6-Made a list of 15 “christian” books I would like to read

I decided to make a list of books I wouldn’t normally read but I should read, and read them! So I went around the what seems like hundreds of book shelves in our house and found 15 books I would like to read. (There are a couple other books my Dad gave me to read that are not included in the initial 15…) Here they are!!!

1. The Passion of Jesus Christ by John Piper
2. Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot
3. Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
4. Questioning Evangelism by Randy Newman
5. The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn
6. Cleared for Takeoff by Bob Griffin
7. Radical by David Platt
8. Enjoy Your Bible by Irving L. Jensen
9. Bloodwork by Anthony J. Carter
10. War of Words by Paul David Tripp
11. Worldliness by C.J. Mahaney
12. Created for Work by Bob Shultz (this book was geared toward boys but I remember reading it as a family a long time ago and wanted to reread it…)
13. A Little Book for New Theologians by Kelly M. Kapis
14. 52 Ways to Know Your Bible Better (unknown author)
15. The Serving Leader by Jennings and Stahl-wert

The books my Dad gave me to read are:

1. Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper (almost finished with it now!)
2. Concise Theology by J.I. Packer
3. Whats in the Bible by R.C. Sproul and Robert Wolgemuth

There are lots of good books out there! And no, theology and “christian” books are not just for grownups and pastors. Us teens can learn a lot from these sort of books. (Max Lucado does have some great “christian” books written just for teens. I have read “Wild Grace” and “Facing Your Giants” Both are really good and I would totally recommend them)

Thanks for taking some time to read this post! Now maybe you can go read some other good things too! :)


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#1- Accepted the 100 Hard Things Challenge

Hey all,
Today I accepted the 100 Hard Things Challenge. This is a challenge to do 100 hard things that put you out of your comfort zone in 3 months. About 1 hard thing a day. This hard thing can be super simple like doing the dishes or super big like raising money to stop world hunger. The challenge is based off of the book “Do Hard Things”.
“Do Hard Things” is a book by Alex and Brett Harris that encourages teens to do hard things and break the myth of adolescence. You can read their book or their blog (therebelution.com). Both are really good. :) For more info on the 100 Hard Things challenge click the link below:


Each day I will post my hard thing on this blog, so keep checking!!! If you want to do the challenge, I encourage you to just go for it!


1 Timothy 4:12


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