My Big Passions

First off, I am sorry that I have not done a post in almost a month. That is a long stretch from my three posts a week promise. But I am back with a post about passion!

Passion is a gift that God has given us. He gives each of us a different passion because we are all special and unique. Passion for a certain people, project, subject or skill is the fire that gets stuff done. Don’t ever lose your passion for Jesus and His work.

Below I have about a paragraph about a few big passions of mine. Feel free to comment below and tell me what you are passionate about.

Passion for Jesus
First, I just want to say, if you profess as a Christian, this should be your first passion ever. Jesus. The one who came and incarnated and died on a cross for you. He saved you for himself. Now you are free, but to live in Him. And that is exciting. Jesus is my friend, redeemer and Lord. I gave my life to Him and that is the best thing I ever did. I love my Jesus.

Passion for Missions
I grew up reading and re-reading missionary stories. That is what I always wanted to do. Be a missionary. God planted a love for His lost people in my heart. When I went on a missions trip to Mexico when I was 13, I came alive. I knew that serving others and showing the poor and lost the love and joy that Christ brings was what He made me to do. And I am passionate about that. I jump on any opportunity to be a part of international missions work.

Passion for the Outdoors
God planted in me a love for His world. I love to hike, canoe, climb, run and bike in the beautiful nature that surrounds me. I love the sun, the wind, the grass, trees, mountains, dirt, sunsets and fresh air. I look at the glory of nature and I “sing for joy at the work of His hands”. (Psalm 92:4- my life verse) I am passionate about the outdoors. A burst of energy and excitement curses through me as I gaze at a beautiful sunrise or a breathtaking view.

Passion for Pioneer Living
Half of my childhood I wore a pioneer dress. I loved learning about the pioneers in the prairies with the covered wagons and Indians and all the excitement back then. I loved pioneer living. I would rather toil over handmade candles then flip on a lightswitch. I would rather spend two hours making bread then five minutes at the grocery store. I love homesteading. I got chickens and started a big garden and as we move we hope for more animals and a bigger garden. God gave me this love for whatever you would call it. Farming, homesteading, pioneer living, going off the grid, sustainable living. Those excite me. I love cooking and pie making and trying my hand at homemade cheese. God made me a farm girl.

Passion for Literature and Music
I started piano lessons at about nine years old. Soon I wanted to play those long, epic piano scores from the Lord of the Rings book, so I did. I have a passion for beautiful music. It is a way that I can worship the Lord and give glory to His name. I also have a passion for reading. I literally devour books. When I was four, I started reading. I taught myself. From then on, it is history. I read with intentsity, soaking up every word. When I go into a bookstore I get that shiver of excitement up my spine and making book lists is like a hobby for me. I love reading and music.

All of these passions are loves that the Lord has put in me. I don’t say these things to boast but as an example of how God has made each of us passionate. He made me in a specific way to specifically love certain things so I could specifically serve Him in a specific way. He did the same for you too. So tell me, what are your big passions? Comment below!

Priscilla Joy

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Journal Entries- My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 16 years old. I sometimes can’t believe I am that old but I like the sound of both 15 and 16 so I am still happy. :)

I had a really fun time yesterday so I will reveal what I did in this journal entry blog post.

When I woke up I had my devotions like usual. I had been reading in Isaiah but I took a break from that and read Phillipians because that is one of my favorite books of the Bible and you always do your favorite things on your birthday, right?

We had breakfast together (my dad and Jace took off work) and looked at my baby book. I always love looking at that. It is fun to see our family when I was born, my little brother Jace (almost two at the time of my birth) is SO cute! I opened gifts and then we all got ready and dressed for the day.

We headed out on the road to Stone Mountain about 9:30 a.m. We arrived there at about 10:45 a.m. I like to go hiking on my birthday because it is something I love to do but we don’t get to do a lot. We had never been to Stone Mountin before so we were all looking forward to it.

I decided we should do the Stone Mountain Loop Trail. It was 4.5 miles but we probably hiked about 5 miles in all because you had to hike .3 miles to get to the trailhead.

Stone Mountain Summit

Stone Mountain Summit

It was very pretty. Not too long before we started there was this HUGE stone slab that we stopped at and just hung out and explored and ate lunch at. It was cool. We hiked up some more (up and up and up) until we reached the Stone Mountain Summit. It was 2,305 altitude! It was sooo high up!

The view from Stone Mountain summit

The view from Stone Mountain summit

We saw lots of Hawks (maybe 100?) circling in the air right about our height. It was cool that we were the same height as the birds. Also the mountains around us were about equal with us. We were high up. After experiencing that awe inspiring work of God we continued.

This next leg of the journey was through the forest so it got cool and damp in there. We went down lots of steps and we were all very glad that we were not going up the steps! It was about 1.5 miles between each attraction. We stopped at a “comfort station” (a wet bench) and had granola bars and apples. Then we got to the Hutchinson Homestead. It was pretty cool. There was an old barn, cabin, corn crib, outhouse, garden, smokehouse and more. You know me… I love the pioneer/frontier times!

Hutchinson Homestead

Hutchinson Homestead

After that the trail went through a field and then into the forest again. There were a lot of gurgling brooks on the side of the trail and we soon came to the source! The Stone Mountain Waterfall! It was a huge slab of stone with sheets of water just careening down it! William, Celia and I went to the bottom of it and watched it for a bit. The trail then went up the waterfall so there were lots of stairs. Lots and lots and lots.

Stone Mountain waterfall

Stone Mountain waterfall

There wasn’t too much more. After the waterfall there was only less than half a mile to go. We went back to the car and headed back to Statesville where we stopped for dinner at Crackerbarrel. It was a really good time as a family. Very precious.

We went to a friends house for dessert. We played Risk and had ice cream sundaes and brownies. Then we came home and since we were all very tired went to bed soon after.

I stayed up and looked at my baby book one last time and then I went to bed. I had a great day! Thanks to all who made it special! I look forward to see what God will do in me this next year!

-Priscilla Joy

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My Journey to Womanhood

Today I am writing a testimony from my life about my journey to womanhood.

I grew up as a shy girl. I could play rough with my brother. I could be tough. But I also like my baby dolls, dresses and other “girlish things”.

Around 11 years old, I became a tomboy. I hated the color pink, left skirts behind, and loved to show my toughness.

I would only wear darker colors and didn’t like ANYTHING girly. I wouldn’t paint my nails for the world!

If you knew me when I was about 11 or 12 you would know, I was a tomboy. I was forsaking my womanhood.

I realize now, that was a mistake. You see, I thought girls were wimpy, they liked talking and painting thier nails and other wimpy things. My adventurous spirit had no place in that.

Then my mom started doing a devotional with me and my sister. It was called “Becoming God’s True Woman” by Susan Hunt and Mary Kassian. The book was pink, the pages had flowers all over them and I was skeptical.

But as the book progressed, I learned something about womanhood.

I learned that women are equal but different than men.

I saw examples of womanhood in Eve, Mary and other women from the Bible.

I learned that women are helpers, life-givers and support pillars.

All of those are very strong positions, pillars? life giver?

You can’t be a wimp to be those things. Now I strive toward womanhood.

Now instead of fighting my womanhood, I embrace my God-given roll.

I am not perfect but God has done a great work in me.

God convicted me that I need to start wearing skirts and dresses more. I don’t wear them every day but I wear them to church, nicer events and on days where we are out in public a lot. I found that I love to wear denim skirts. (I love denim!)

And the thing is I am still not your typical woman.

I still don’t like painting my nails, the color pink is not my favorite color and I don’t wear make up, fancy clothes or beautiful hair styles.

I still have a fiery, adventurous, warrior spirit and I am still tough. I still love building, farming, outdoor survival, weapons and other “boyish” activities.

But now my perspective is different. I now have a strong belief in things like modesty and purity. Not that before I wasn’t modest and pure but I didn’t really care about it.

The thing is I am the becoming the kind of woman God wants me to be. God designed me to be a mission minded woman, an adventurous woman, a I-will-go-anywhere-in-the-world-for-you woman, a warrior woman, a pioneer woman, an OK-I’m-trusting-you-Lord woman as well as a gentle, kind, compassionate, gracious, pure, modest, joyful, honest, tender and faithful woman.

(Note: I am not there yet! God is still working on me but He has helped me a lot in becoming that woman!)

I am His warrior and I am His princess. I learned that I don’t have to forsake the princess to be the warrior, the two go hand in hand.

God has shown me great examples of true women and has taught me that true womanhood is running after Him all your life.

There you go!

To God be all the glory!

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Journal Entries- Mission Trip to Mexico- Day 1

It was early when I got up. About 5:00 in the morning. Everything had been packed yesterday so all I had to do was get dressed, brush my teeth and grab my two backpacks on the floor. My mom drove me to the airport. We went out of our little town of Mooresville where everything was still asleep and into busy Charlotte where a lot more was going on.

After parking in the car garage, my mom went with me into the airport where we met the other people who were on the same flight, my youth pastor, two college students and a dad. A hurried hug with my mom and I was off to Mexico and Rancho3M!

I went through security, rather quickly because I was pre-check. A nice surprise. We then hurried to our gate and chilled until it was time to board, although even then we waited because we were Group 3, the last group to board. The airplane was very new and modern with screens that played TV all through the flight. Rather distracting. I mostly read a “Christians Then and Now” book on Cameron Townsend and then just sat and thought to myself.

We arrived in Dallas TX and I made the fatal mistake of NOT buying something to eat. We had a short layover there and then got on another airplane to El Paso TX. This plane had little screens on every seat which was better because I could choose what to do. I got the interactive map up on there and watched our course. After touching down in El Paso, my favorite part of the plane rides, we got to go through those swinging glass door thing, and an escalator. By now I was VERY hungry but I would have to wait even longer.

In the El Paso airport we met up with another family on our team and two couples from the Sovereign Grace Church of the Lowcountry. Dean Adamek (director of Rancho3M) and some of the early crew from our team came to pick us up. I got in the big 15 passenger van and then everyone went to an authentic Mexican restaurant for a late lunch. My stomach was very happy with this, but alas, Anna (a girl from our team) and I were of course the last ones to get our food, which we gobbled down quickly. I got chicken tacos.

After lunch, we all piled in again and headed to the border. The border crossing went well and we were in Mexico! After an hour long drive we reached the Ranch! When everyone piled out of the vans all of the kids piled on us! Hugs, hugs and more hugs. Lots of the kids remembered me and my name so when I got out some kids would yell “Priscilla! Priscilla!” Lil Cristian and Juanito were some of the ones who remembered me. It was like reuniting with family!

I settled into the dorm room, I was bunking with Sarah (a college age girl I have gotten to know on past trips down there) and then went to hang out with the kids. Some of the kids from the year before were not there, which was sad, but for the kids who were there it was, like I said, reuniting with family. We kicked the futbol around and I was delighted to find that my Spanish was an answer to prayer! While the rest of the group went on a tour I stayed back and played with the kids. I played basketball with Josefina and Bianca, some of my new friends and played tag with some of the young boys.

I went to bed very happy that night. I was there in Mexico with my dear Mexican family.


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Sometimes simple is best. Life can get crazy and we just need to simplify. Sometimes we just need to braid our hair instead of taking hours to curl it and get it just right. Sometimes we need a quiet walk instead of sighing our way through rush hour. Sometimes we need to live in a small cabin instead of a big mansion. Sometimes we need books and not high tech computers. Sometimes we need to go back to the old days. Where things were natural. Simple. My heart longs for simple.

“Simplicity is an exact medium between too little and too much.”

Sir Joshua Reynolds

Have a great and simple day!


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#26- I Am Second, God is First

So recently, I was struggling with wanting to be in the spotlight. Other people I am very close to were in the spotlight and I was backstage. My mind knew that the feeling of attention I wanted was wrong, but my sinful heart would not submit. I also felt lost, hopelessly lost in the middle. I told myself that I was mundane, normal (you all are like Priscilla, normal? No way!) After talking to my mom and reading scripture I realized that I am second and always will be. And I am loved like crazy by God and others! For goodness sakes, the silly thoughts us humans have! I read Isaiah 43:1-7, what a wonderful passage! God tells us that he loves us, we are honored and precious in his sight and he would give big, mighty Eygpt in exchange for us. Me. You. A whole rich nation in exchange for me?!? That’s right, God never makes junk.


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#22- Began An Auto Upkeep Book

So if you hang out at the Bower’s, you may see that our schooling takes initiative and self control. Our parents philosophy is “teach them to learn, and let em’ learn!” If there is a certain subject we want to study, we find books and study on that topic. We have oodles of books in our house and sometimes browsing our shelves can start the pursuit of a new project or skill or subject to learn about. Our parents have also really wanted us to know about auto upkeep and how to be able to do basic auto work. I am good with my hands and after finding a book in our shelves I started working on it. This was hard because the first chapter (vehicle identification and the history of cars) seemed boring and the book sat on my school shelf for a while before I picked it up and started doing it. It turned out to be great. There’s a reason God gave you a brain. To learn about Him, the things He has made and enjoy it! Once you grasp the idea that any kind of learning is learning about God (math, science, history etc.) you are on the right track and you have true brain power!


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#19 and #20- Did the Dishes without Anyone Telling Me and Listened to the Holy Spirit’s Voice

So sorry I have not written in like forever. Yes, you guessed it. More computer trouble. :) Anyway I have not really been doing a hard thing every day, it is harder than it seems. I hope to be getting a bit more on track in the future. Yesterday my mom and sister were gone. I was at home with the task of making dinner. Everything was going well until I saw the stack of dishes. Note: we do our dishes by hand. Here was what the conversation between me and the Holy Spirit was like when I saw them.

Me: wow those are alot of dishes.
HS: yes, you should do them.
Me: I’m not even on dish duty tonight. That’s Celia and Jace’s job tonight. Why bother?
HS: aren’t you doing a hard thing challenge? This would be a hard thing.
Me: yeah. I forgot about that. I’ll prepare the dih water for them and bless them in that way. Note: to hand wash the dishes you need very hot water and our sink takes forever to get hot water.
HS: hard things is about going above and beyond. You should actually do the dishes.
Me: okay…, these dry dishes are really in the way.
HS: are you thinking what I am thinking?
Me: yes, yes, I know. I should probably put them away.
After doing the dishes, drying the dishes and preparing dish water for the dinner dishes I felt so relieved that I had decided to do the hard thing. It made my heart sing when my sister said, “thanks Priscilla for doing the dishes. It was such a blessing not to have it take so long.” Don’t wrestle with Angels like Jacob, just listen to what God has for you and do it.


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#17- Patience with William

So sorry I have not been writing! Our internet was down and then we had blog problems…

Anyway, my hard thing from Friday was just having patience with my little brother William. Now William is a great kid but when it is 11:00 at night and you have just returned from a fun but exhausting day at your friends house where you play games like hide and seek tag in the dark with flashlights and do things like army crawl through wet grass to try and make your way to base without being seen, while teamed up with 6 year old William who scraped his leg and is now moaning in pain, he can try your patience. No actually William did a great job being teamed up with me. We piggybacked through the woods, army crawled through the grass, all in pitch black darkness and he was a very brave trooper. (The things some sisters do with you..:) ) But on the 45 minute drive home at 11:00 at night… well…

The Lord gives me grace to have patience with my younger siblings. It can be hard, but hey isn’t that why it is on the do hard things list?


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#15- Accepted a challenge for youth group

Sorry I haven’t written for a while! Life is busy :b Anyway for my hard thing….. Our next meeting, our youth group will be talking about gossip and sins of the mouth. My youth pastor sent out some verses to look over beforehand. I accepted the challenge to look them over. Over the past week I have been reading and then summarizing what I learned in each verse so I can think and ponder over the verses throughout the day. I am very grateful for having a youth group that challenges me, teaches me and guides me in the ways of God. In the past we have been challenged to read the whole New Testament and then later on read the whole Bible. (I am still working on that…I hope to finish in December which would mean that I did it in about a year :) ) Thank you God for giving me such a great youth group!


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